Hire self-driving rental cars in Kerala

There are many companies offering cars for rent in Kerala. Car rental services have become a popular option for overworked young professionals who crave for long and refreshing rides to unwind. Cars are available for different rates in Kerala cities including Kochi and Trivandrum. There are few things to keep in mind, especially while opting for car rental services without driver.

Self-driving cars are rented for hourly rates and these could fluctuate during festive seasons or weekends. Also, there are two options, namely with-fuel and without fuel. If you choose with-fuel option, be ready to dole out extra bucks. Also, plan the type of vehicle you want to select based on the nature of journey. Obviously, an off-road thrilling ride differs from a long-distance pilgrimage with family.

Once done with car booking, spare some time to check brakes, extra tyre and battery. Above all, make sure that the car is in excellent physical condition before you get into the driver seat. These exercises would enable you to avoid extra-costs. In other words, you can avoid paying for those damages inflicted by other customers. Why should you invite hefty fines for no fault of yours?

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